Today I feel so blessed. Last night I finished my first read through of this document. It is probably the most amazing story I’ve ever read. Because it’s my story. It’s the story of those who made sacrifices and tough decisions to bring their family to America and start a new life. I think I have a new appreciation for my own life. My eyes have been opened to the hard work that went into moving an entire family overseas. I’m so thankful that my great grand father sat down and took the time to write out this story for those (me) that have wondered how we came to be in America.


I also really enjoyed the parallels in this story compared to my own. After a few years in SW Minnesota, my Great Grandfather got an itch and he wanted to see the west coast. He move his entire family out to Washington state for several years. They were very involved in their church and visited many areas where I have been. It’s amazing to me that I have walked in the footsteps of my ancestors.


Like I said, today I feel blessed. But now I need to get to work and start transcribing this document into a digital format so that many future generations can enjoy it as I have. I’m so inspired. It’s crazy to think how my decisions now can affect future generations. And that maybe someday my children’s children will be curious about my life and read my writing. I’m sitting in bed and thinking about all the journals I’ve filled and how I think they may need to be censored before they hit the hands of my children’s children. 🙂 My favorite part is the end, challenge accepted.



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