Pinterest Gone Mad!

Pinterest Gone Mad!

Now that I’m a stay at home mom (SAHM) I have more time to let my creative juices flow. I have dipped into all of those “pins” and pulled some of them out that I want to get done! My … Continue reading

The Little Blue Dress

Sometimes I need a reality check. I posted before about a pipe break in our main living area. I’ve been walking on concrete floors for a little over a 2 months now. I realize it takes time to coordinate repairs but walking out to see my main living space in such madness has been wearing my nerves thin.

Last night my sweet baby woke up at least 5 times wanting to eat. I walked downstairs in a dreary fog at 7 am greeted by my musty smelling floors I was going to wake up. I proceeded to finish the feeding ritual and watch the morning news while I tried to find some ounce of strength to start packing boxes so the new floors could one day be put in. Then my husband calls to tell me that the production schedule will be pushed back into February and I feel my nerves are about to burst! Out loud I prayed “my baby isn’t sleeping well, my house is a mess, and my milk supply is dwindling. How am I supposed to feed this baby in all this madness?! Help me Lord!” Anxiety took over and what I thought was starting my day turned into me pacing a cross the cement floor. I found myself staring out the window blankly. The baby was sound asleep and my home was quiet. “I need fresh air,” I thought.

I grabbed my keys and walked to the mailbox to find a package from Target. “What did I buy?” I walked back to my house and opened the package to find a little blue dress, I didn’t buy anything, someone else bought my daughter a special dress.


Me sometime around 1984

The tears started to flow. It was definitely a special “mommy moment” for me. When I was little I had a very special little blue dress. It was made by a neighbor and given to my parents when I was little. It was MY dress and when you have a younger sister there are very few times in life when something is yours and doesn’t have to be shared.

Our family dedication was in January. My mom asked if she could get my daughter something special to wear. I told her to go ahead and pick out something special for my daughter to wear. I trust her judgment. The package came and it was a little blue dress. I’ve been trying to plan a special party for our family to commemorate this wonderful occasion but all of my plans kept falling through. Nothing was working out the way I wanted it too and on top of that my house was in such disarray that I could barely think straight.

Now I sit, in a fit of tears realizing that I don’t’ need a party. I’ve been extra hard on myself since the pipe broke. I want to be a great stay at home mom. I want to clean my house and make everything look perfect. I want to have everything in order when my husband gets home so that he can just focus on our daughter. But so far, that hasn’t happened. This little blue dress has helped me see the important things in life. I have a wonderfully supportive extended family, amazing friends, a new baby girl and a husband who showers our home with love every day. And now, a little blue dress. God is good.

Picture 12

She may be laying on our new floor. 🙂


The Saga Continues

The repairs have started on our home. We started by tearing everything out of the downstairs and moving all of our furniture into a container parked out in front of our home. 20140206-161910.jpg This is one of our wonderful friends who came to help us out. No he does not know I took this picture and the chances of him reading my blog are slim to none so I think I can use this picture and be okay. 🙂 20140206-161920.jpg Yes, my husband is requesting that we change the color from my beautiful yellow to a more neutral color you see on the wall by the stairs. 20140206-161930.jpg Then construction started and we no longer had access to our kitchen. That’s a pretty big deal when you are a stay at home mom and you have an infant. 20140206-161938.jpg 20140206-161944.jpg With our floor covered in paper my suspicions were confirmed that our dishwasher was leaking something fierce. Even if I wanted too, I could no longer run our dishwasher. Thankfully, my wonderful husband had already purchased a new one that was sitting in our garage waiting to be installed. 20140206-161955.jpg 20140206-162003.jpg 20140206-162011.jpg I really thought I could handle it. But 1 hour in I freaked out and called my husband. I couldn’t take all the pounding, sawing, strange men coming in and out…etc. So my wonderful husband booked my daughter and I a flight back to Minnesota. He was ready to let us fly out the next day but I couldn’t be away from him that long. I thought I could last a week and then fly out the following week but I couldn’t do it. Back to the insurance company we went and requested a hotel room for the baby and myself. 20140206-162022.jpg 20140206-162031.jpg Huh, so this is what it’s like to live in a giant trash bag. 20140206-162044.jpg While in the hotel a blizzard hit. No folks, I’m not making this stuff up! It rarely ever snows in Portland so this is a big deal. Instead of only staying a few days in the hotel the blizzard pushed back the repairs on our condo so we stayed 6 days in the hotel. Even if I wanted to leave the hotel there was no travel advised so thankfully our insurance company came through and approved us to prolong our stay. 20140206-162059.jpg But the good news is, we are safe and sound in our hotel room. This experience is giving me time to spend with my daughter and to update some stories about her first year. Never a dull moment in the King-dom! 20140206-162108.jpg

Starting a New Chapter

I know, I know it has been a while since I have posted. Its amazing how one little miracle can change everything about your life. I have been writing but not posting, it is not easy to edit while a baby is demanding your attention, however, I am committed to writing and finding my voice as a new mommy. To catch you up in one speedy post I have compiled a list of 3 events that have happened since my last post.

  1. First and foremost, I had a baby! She is beautiful, perfect, and the blessing her dad and I have been praying for!20140207-123442.jpg
  2. I made the change from working full time in an office to being a full time stay at home Mom. I love my new job! It has allowed me some free time to finish some Pinterest projects, start some crochet masterpieces, and also the ability to stay home with my beautiful daughter. I have the best job in the world!20140207-123724.jpg
  3. Right before Christmas a pipe broke in our house and flooded our downstairs. It has been an adventure and definitely a lesson in patience. Having a newborn and having a house that has been under construction for 3 months has been interesting to say the least.20140207-123610.jpg

This is mainly what has been happening in the King-dom since the last time I posted. Now to start writing about a new year and many life changes, let the fun begin!

All Good things in Life are FREE: The Free Dresser

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I love things that come for free. We stopped by a friend’s apartment to say HI one day and his brother asked if we would be interested in taking an old dresser off his hands. My husband protested because we … Continue reading

The Secretary Desk

The Desk right after we purchased it for $50.00.


I have waited for what seems like years and years to be able to have my own home. I wanted to buy old used furniture and make it into something absolutely wonderful. My husband and I tend to collect paperwork. For whatever reason, we always have some sort of paperwork laying around. Our solution was to get a secretary desk to store all of our papers and then shut them away when it’s time for guests to come. So far, it’s been a genius idea. 

Since this desk was originally made with wooden handles my honey had to puddy over the old drawer pull holes so we could replace them.

The finished product!!!! LOVE!!!!

The perfect place to hide my junk!!!!