Sunday Morning Rush

Yesterday the creative juices were flowing so my husband and I stayed up until 1am. Definitely not the best idea we’ve ever had. Then this morning the cat decided he wanted to get into Moriah’s room at 6 am. Usually she will sleep until 7 but of course the one night we stay up late she is going to wake up early. This chain of events threw off our whole morning. We woke up early but some how we were running late. In the spirit of being efficient I got the baby bundled up as fast as I could while my husband put on his coat and shoes. I passed off the baby and he left to strap her in the car while I got my boots and coat on. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

I slipped my foot into the first boot and stopped my rush. Something didn’t feel right. I pulled my boot off and turned it upside down. A stream of Cheerios made their way out of my boot and onto the floor. “How did I get Cheerios in my boot?”

A big pet peeve for my husband is my things laying around. It drives him crazy. sometimes i remember to put them away but most of the time i don’t. My purse, the diaper bag, my coat, and specially my shoes all get left sitting where I take them off. He will never understand why I can’t take the time to put my shoes in the closet or hang up my coat. After all I just have to open the door to the closet and put them inside, but I rarely ever do this and he loves me anyway.

I proceeded to shake the boot to make sure they were all out and then I dug in the bottom of the closet to find my second boot. I found it, grabbed it and slipped it on in haste. But, it didn’t feel right. I stopped my rush again, slipped off my boot and turned it over. And what do you think fell out? Another stream of Cheerios. Okay, my husband is playing a trick on me. “Alright I get it. I left my boots out again.” I thought to myself.

I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. As I got in the car I looked at my husband and asked “did you put Cheerios in my boots?” With a chuckle he said “nope, guess I’m not the only one that noticed you didn’t put your boots away again.”

Gah! She got me. I guess Mama needs to learn to put her boots away! Maybe someday, but probably not anytime soon. 🙂



Yarn-a-thon 2012

I love to crochet. So this past weekend when my “yarn soul mate” made her way down to visit and it rained the whole weekend we never feared of boredom. I was slightly disappointed that the weather didn’t cooperate for us to make our way to the pumpkin patch and corn maze but then I remembered something her and I have talked about for years: we needed to have a weekend together without husbands to sit and play with yarn.

Thankfully, her 4 month old twin boys didn’t mind playing on the floor as we ventured down memory lane of awesome college years. Oh how things change and life goes on. It’s been a long time since those nights when we would sit in the common areas of Anderson Hall or backstage during intermissions and played with yarn. Who knew this would be a lifetime bonding activity that I have used many times to bond with other females and creative types. I could only find two pictures of us playing with yarn which is shocking considering we did it all the time.  Oh how things have changed since those good old days of yarn, late nights, and giggles over our favorite topic: college boys.

This past weekend was awesome… Old friend, twin baby boys, good conversation, and yarn. I am truly blessed. 😉

Now, who wants to have another yarn-a-thon with me????

Backstage during the play “Harvey!” Yes, it was about the big imaginary rabbit.

I made such a cute maid. 😉